Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"God still love me!"

This is a bit long... hang with me. :)

Ordinarily, Avery is a pretty easy going child. Of course she has her moments, but overall she's been pretty easy so far. Recently, she gave us a run for our money and we experienced our first real battle of the wills with our easy going girl. Our 15 year old niece Alex came to visit us on Saturday for a few hours. Avery loves Alex and is always thrilled to see her and this time was no exception. We were enjoying our time hanging out and Alex sweetly offered to read a book to Avery. Avery looked at Alex and said, "No! Daddy read it!!" Brian looked at Avery and said, "Avery, that's not nice. You need to apologize to Alex." to which our easy going girl said, in a matter of fact tone... "NO!" Brian and I looked at each other with wide eyes and Brian said calmly, "Avery, you hurt Alex's feelings. You need to say you're sorry. If you don't you are going in time-out". Avery looked at Brian once again and said, "NO!". This 2nd emphatic "NO!" led to several more "no's", 5 trips to time-out and an eventual visit to the bedroom for a spanking from Daddy.

After the spanking (aka- 1 swat on the diaper by Daddy), Avery was still refusing to apologize to Alex. Brian and I exchanged the "what the heck do we do with this?" look and I decided I would give it a whirl. I took Avery to our bedroom, gave her another chance to do the right thing and when she refused again, I spanked her. After the spanking and another refusal, I had no idea what to do. I was astonished...this girl was not going to give in! How long could this go on?? So, I looked at her and asked, "Avery, do you need Jesus to help you tell Alex you're sorry?" to which she said, "Yes". So I said,"okay, let's pray." I prayed over her and asked Jesus to help her apologize to Alex, to take away her pride, and to help her obey Mommy & Daddy. When we were finished praying I asked her again if she was ready and again she said no. Dang it!! I really had no idea what to do, so I just said, "sit on the bed and think about what you need to do"... seriously, I said that to a 2 & 1/2year old? Yes I did, because I had absolutely no idea what to do and I needed to buy a few minutes to figure out my next move. After some time had passed I asked her if she was ready to get up and she said yes. I asked her if she was ready to see Alex and she said yes. I asked her if she was ready to apologize to Alex and she said yes!! Finally!!!! (cue the Hallelujah Chorus) We walked into the living room and she went directly to Alex, said hello, said "I'm sorry" and then gave her a hug. She was fine and back to normal for the rest of our visit and the rest of the day, thank goodness! Whew!

Later that night when I was getting her ready for bed we talked about our day. I asked her if today had been hard and she said yes. I asked her if it was hard for her to obey Mommy & Daddy today and she didn't answer. I said, "Avery, God wants you to obey Mommy & Daddy. Obeying is the right way." She looked at me with the sweetest face and declared, not questioned, mind you.... "God still love me." I had to stifle my gasp, then I said, "Yes Avery, God does love you. He loves you no matter what, but.. He wants you to obey Mommy & Daddy, because obeying is the best thing."

Can you believe that?? I certainly wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it. My daughter who is 2&1/2 has a better understanding of God's grace and steadfast love than I do! Right now she knows that no matter what she does, God will love her. She knows that God's love is not based on works and that it can't be earned. She knows that God's love is unfailing. Amazing! I'm not naive and I know that it's likely that Avery's child like faith will become a jaded adult faith at some point, but I am praying that God will seal this work he has done in her little heart and that the gospel will become real to her. How precious would it be if she could stay in this place of taking God at his word? Oh, that she would fully comprehend that because of Jesus, God loves her despite her sin and disobedience. That he loves her with an everlasting love. That he delights in her and rejoices over her with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) Let it be so Lord!

Father, teach me to approach you daily with the faith of a child.

Matthew 11:25-27 "At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure."

Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to Blogging!!

Hello blog! It's been far too long!

I've decided that after a yearlong hiatus from the blogging world... I'm back! I could attribute my hiatus to the craziness of life, the demands of mommyhood, lack of motivation and time, lack of energy (aka caffeine)etc, etc... but the truth of the matter is plain and simple... Facebook! Facebook is easy with its short status updates and convenient photo albums. Facebook is very addictive and Facebook is a time stealer. Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook and have no plans of leaving it behind, but I would also like to carve out some time to blog again. I've been reading my old posts and love that through blogging I was able to record things that were happening in our life and how I was able to capture Avery's "firsts" and milestones. I'm so sad that I missed out on a full year of that. So here I am again. I have no idea what this blog will morph into. I have grand aspirations of course, but really.. I hope it will just be a place where I can be real... flaws and all (more on that coming in a later post), where I can share my experience of being a mommy and wife, and where I can talk about the things I'm passionate about (Jesus, Brian, Avery, family, friends, adoption & music.. just to name a few).

If you're new to my blog... welcome friend! Make yourself at home and read some of my old entries. If you're an old follower and you've been waiting for a year for me to publish a new entry and photos... I am so sorry! I'm back and look forward to catching up!

Love, Joy & Blessings,