Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beach Baby

The Stubblefields were blessed beyond measure when we were invited, by my childhood friend Patty, her husband Omar and their daughter Isabella to join them on vacation at the beautiful Canary Cottage beach house they rented in the Santa Rosa Beach area of Florida. Santa Rosa Beach is located between Sandestin and Seaside in the panhandle about an hour outside of Pensacola. Brian grew up in Gulf Breeze which is a suburb of Pensacola and we absolutely love that area. There is really nothing more beautiful than the emerald water and white sand and I am so glad Avery was able to have her first beach experience on these amazing beaches! She even got to spend some time on Pensacola beach.. the beach her Daddy grew up on. Avery loved everything about the beach. She loved the sand, she loved playing in the water, she loved the waves and she even loved her sunscreen, which she reminded me to apply. :) It was such a joy to see her experience God's amazing creation for the first time. We made so many precious memories!

Avery Grace... these are some sweet memories I have of you from our vacation:

1. I loved how you were Daddy's girl the week of our vacation. I know he secretly loved that he was your favorite this week. :) You two were so precious playing in the ocean together. (A lady on the beach told me that watching you and Daddy was better than any movie or tv show.) I loved your game of waiting for the wave and then jumping. I love how you charged into the water then looked for Daddy's hand.. and it was always there to catch you.

2. You and Daddy flew a kite together and then you flew it on your own!

3. I loved how you squealed, "Mommy!! The ocean!" when you first saw the water. I loved the awe and delight on your face when you put your feet in the ocean for the first time.

4. So funny that you called Patty & Omar's dog Jaxson, "Sparky" out of the blue and called him that for the entire trip.

5. You drove me crazy (scared me is more like it) going up and down the stairs of the beach house but it just reminded me that you are a fearless little girl with so much confidence. You know you are loved and that your Daddy & I are here to catch you when you fall.

6. Your bikinis and beach hat were the cutest things I've ever seen.

7. You and Bella were so precious with each other...sisters. Running on the beach, singing and dancing to Justin Bieber's "Baby", eating ice cream at Miss Lucille's Gossip Parlor, hiding in the closets for us to find you, sitting on the porch with Grandmommy blowing bubbles, and your little voice calling, "Bella, where are you?" when she got out of your sight.

8. You were so funny when you told Patty to give Mr. Omar a time out. :)

9. I love how you talked about alligators the whole time we were there after we saw them at Fudpuckers on our second day.

10. So fun that we saw a man with a parrot on the beach! You got to pet him and I held him on my shoulder.

11. I loved that you took a nap while I held you on my lap. You wore yourself out running on the beach and playing in the water. It was a treat holding you while you slept. You haven't let me do that in a while.

12. You took up most of the bed you shared with me and your Daddy, but we loved it.

13. Love how you grabbed Omar's boogey board like you knew what you were doing. I'm sure you'll be riding the waves next year.

14. You surprised me and your Daddy in the pool at Margaritaville when you went under the water, held your breath and tried to swim and then said, "Try again!" You never cease to amaze us!

15. Eventhough we applied lots of sunscreen, you still got a beautiful tan and despite your hat, your hair got really blonde from the sun. I love how you smelled at the end of the day.. saltwater, sunscreen and goldfish snacks. I love how you begged to go to the beach when we weren't there. You loved the beach and you loved our vacation! Daddy and I are so happy you were there with us and we can't wait for more Stubblefield family vacations!!